A message from the Churchwardens of St. George's, Brede and St. Mary's, Udimore

Update 12th May.

Well, not really an update. We have not, as yet, had any further guidance or directives from our Bishop so the status quo as regards our church buildings remains the same – closed!


However, The Church that is to say the living stones of Christ's body on earth (scary, but true) is still active in prayer for each other and the world and active in keeping in touch with each other by phone and online.


Each Sunday, Jim and Barbara are continuing to support us with a written service which further helps to bind us together as we follow their thoughts, exhortations and encouragements separately in our homes but together in spirit.


Thank you Jim and Barbara!


Some weeks ago, we were given a date in mid-July for fresh interviews for a new incumbent.

Presumably that date still stands so let's hope we have some really good applicants and that we will indeed be able to do the interviews then.


Keep safe; keep in touch!


David                                                              Liz

Duncan                                                            Zoe

April update
As a way of keeping in touch the Parish Magazine is available on this site.
Rye Mutual Aid has been set up to support anyone who needs help.  Our Dispatcher Volunteers are:  Udimore - Genevieve on 07891 124082 and Gary on 07803 687170 and for Broad Oak/Brede - Donna on 07809 345416 and Bruni on 07941 357101.  Do give them a call as they are happy to assist in any way they can.  For more information visit: www.ryemutualaid.org
We are generally very lucky in our villages to enjoy a good deal of outside space and we have so many modern ways of keeping in touch with family, friends and neighbours.  It's good to know that people have been looking out for and keeping an eye on isolated and vulnerable neighbours
Please, though, remember to look after yourselves; take care, stay safe, remain healthy!
David Oliver                                                           Liz Turgoose
Duncan Reid                                                          Zoe Wilmoth
Churchwardens, St. George's                               Churchwardens, St. Mary's