Diocese of Chichester

The Diocese of Chichester serves the two English counties of East and West Sussex and the new city of Brighton and Hove. For nearly 1500 years we have tried to tell and show the people of Sussex that God loves them and wants the best for their lives, not just now, but for ever. Of course, many people think this is an idle dream, but we believe it is true. That is one of the reasons why our parishes cover the whole of Sussex (“every blade of grass is in somebody’s parish” is the way someone once put it).  http://www.chichester.anglican.org/  


Today the diocese comprises 506 churches in 365 parishes which are served by 450 clergy and employed Lay Workers and 265 Readers. The parishes are grouped into 286 benefices (with one clergyman or woman in overall charge). 

The benefices are grouped into 21 rural deaneries. The word “deanery” comes originally for the Latin for ten: deaneries originally comprised about ten parishes. Nowadays they are geographically-based, and may contain twice that number, or (for very rural areas) fewer. Because Chichester is still a predominantly rural diocese, we still use the term “rural” deaneries, rather than the more prosaic Area Deaneries which the Dioceses of Liverpool or London have, for example. Each rural deanery is in turn part of an archdeaconry, an area for which an archdeacon is responsible. The archdeacons are senior priests who assist the bishops [see below] and have important legal and practical responsibilities for the parishes in their care. Each archdeaconry is outlined with a blue line on the map. Bishops are the successors to the Apostles whom Christ chose two thousand years ago, and the mitre (hat) which they wear in church symbolises the tongues of flame which rested on the Apostles at the first Pentecost. The chief bishop of this diocese is the Bishop of Chichester, Bishop Martin. Because the diocese is so large, he gives some responsibility to the Bishop of Horsham and to the Bishop of Lewes.  In addition to the churches, there are a number of retreat houses based at religious communities in the diocese.  


Here is a link of "Who's Who" http://www.chichester.anglican.org/whos-who/


Here is Bishop Martins maiden speech in the House of Lords