Please join us from 12 midday to listen to St George's bell ringers ring out to honour the fallen of WW1 and in particular the 1400 bell ringers that died in the "Great War" St Georges has 10 new/returning bell ringing recruits and will be demonstrating their new skills with our established band.  The band are putting together some refreshments for all that come to support them.  The bells will also ring out at 19.05 as the beacons across the south coast are lit in celebration.  Please join us at the beacon so see it being lit.

1,400 bell ringers hailing from across the UK died during the First World War. You can honour their memory by becoming one of 1,400 new bell ringers for Ringing Remembers.

When the bells rang out on 11 November 1918 they announced the end of the most catastrophic war the world had yet seen. All new ringers will ring together across the country on 11 November 2018 as part of the national commemorations to mark the centenary of the Armistice.

Bell ringers lost their lives

Many bell ringers joined the war effort, and many lost their lives. Just after the war, the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers (CCCBR) wrote to all bell towers to compile the Roll of Honour. At the time a thousand men were reported as lost. During the First World War Centenary the CCCBR has been reviewing this list and has discovered a further 400 bell ringers who died in service. Two bell towers—Edington in Wiltshire and Bamburgh in Northumberland —lost 6 ringers each during the war. In total 1,400 bell ringers lost their lives. A loss to them and their families. A loss to communities.

Bells rang out for the Armistice

When the bells rang out on 11 November 1918 they announced the end of the most catastrophic war the world had yet seen. At that time, bells were at the heart of the community, marking events of great significance and as a means of communication long before modern technology connected us. At the end of the war, many people heard about the Armistice through bell ringing.

St Georges ringers have risen to the challenge and Julie McDonnell put out an appeal for new ringers to help torwards the 1400 total and we now have 6 new ringers.  St Georges featured on Meridian Tonight.  Click here for the news items.

Our new ringers are Sue Terell, Heather Smith (17) Holly Smith (13) Kim Smith, John Smith and Torr Mitchell (10) and are now being trained in the art if bell ringing.


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