"St George's Hidden Treasures"                                A talk by Fr Martin Harper




Fr Martin will be giving an informative and interesting talk on Sat 11th May 2019 from 7pm on the hidden "Treasures" of St George's Brede.  These are the artifacts and items that you do not normally see at St George's on a day to day or even yearly basis! 


Fr Martin will not just talk about these fascinating artifacts and "treasures" but will give people who attend the opportunity to view them closely as well as gain an insight of their history and how they came to St George's.


Tickets are £7.50 and will include a glass of wine and cheese and nibbles.  Details tickets will be available from the Rectory (01424  883408) Wendy Burchett  (01424 882727) and Julie McDonnell (07587470678) So please pencil the date in your diary!