SBABC - 2015 to present


Julie McDonnell, a Bellringer  and member of the PCC of St George's Church who has Leukaemia (CML), organised a national ringing event in 25th June 2015 to help fund vital research and give other blood cancer sufferers a chance of life.  


Various other campaigns followed and so far 792 Quarters Peals of a "Julie McDonnell" method have been rung across the world.


Over 18 different "Methods" have been dedicated to SBABC and all that "Julie McDonnell" in the title. 55 Cathedrals have rung out in support of blood cancer suffferers, including Westminster Abbey.  On Easter Day 2017, Brede and Julie McDonnell featured on BBC "Songs of Praise.  Rev Kate Botley presented the programme and also had a go at bellringing. Julie was invited to Westminster Abbey as a guest of the Dean, Dr John Hall.  Julie rang at Westminster Abbey and listened to a Qtr Peal being Rang of "Julie McDonnell" Alliance Royal.


To dateover  £7.2 million has been been raised and given directly by donors to blood cancer causes of their choice. 



Here are newspapers links to SBABC and their tireless efforts to raise the profile of blood cancer


SBABC are now in the process of applying for charitable status with the Charity Commision.  Below is the website if you would like to dontate to SBABC.