Sunday services @ St. Mary's, Udimore


Services for October



Sunday 18th       11:15 am   Family service led by the Churchwardens


Sunday 25th       11:15 am   Eucharist service taken by Fr. David Shephers


Saturday 31st      7:30 pm    All Soul@ St. George's.  Joint service arranged by the Churchwardens



Services for November


Sunday 1st          9:30 am    Eucharist service led by Fr. Paul Messenger


1st                                        All Saints @ St. Mary's, Udimore..  Joint service arranged by the Churchwardens


11th                     10:45 am  Remembrance Day service @ St. George's






KIndly note the following requirements:

1.  Please use the hand sanitiser on arrival and departure from church.

2.  Please give your name and contact on arrival

3.  Please pick up a Service Book on arrival and take it away with you after the service and keep it for your own personal use for future services.

4.  There will be no singing, but there will be music to listen to.

5. Communion will be in one kind only and you will be directed by the vicar or a church warden

6. The church will be cleaned before and after each service