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Collecting Money


Operating under the Charitable status of the Church of England



No Soup, Scrabble and other Games meetings had been planned for July and August because of the holidays and so the next get together will be on Friday 1st September.


If anyone would like to join the team we would be happy to discuss what is involved and how you could help. Please call Liz Turgoose on 01424 882657 who can give you more information about 4Charities.


We look forward to seeing everyone in September.


In the meantime we wish everyone happy summer holidays.


The 4Charities team

Who we are

Previously known as the Brede and Udimore Overseas Group we operate as a Benefice charity with the aim of raising money for charitable purposes.


The group was founded over 60 years ago by Iris Laker of Udimore who, during a visit to Tanzania, was horrified to see so many deaf children as a result of the high incidence of measles.


On her return home she held coffee mornings to raise money for the Deaf in Tanzania and this was how the first charity was chosen.


The Rector at that time had worked in Papua New Guinea and so PNGCP became the second charity.


Donations were later received specifically for eye camps which led to supporting The Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind (currently known as Sightsavers).


These charities have been supported ever since.


The fourth charity has changed from time to time and is currently Freedom from Fistula.


With the exception of Sightsavers, all the charities we support are small which means we know that every penny we raise goes direct to those in need.

Visit our website for more information!

The Four Charities

The charities chosen, are chosen because they provide vital support to communities in different countries and with different needs.

1. Tanzanear

Also known as Deaf in Tanzania are a UK charity dedicated in helping deaf people in Tanzania where deafness can lead to ostracisation

UK Charity ref: 1063647


The Papua New Guinea Church Partnership is a collaboration between seven Christian denominations and AUS aid to introduce peace and health activities in Papua New Guinea

Charity ref: ICO 1178290

3. Sightsavers

Sightsavers work worldwide to combat blindness in developing countries

UK Charity ref: 207544
(Royal Commonwealth Society for the blind)

4. Freedom from Fistula

Freedom from Fistula helps women and girls who are injured and left incontinent following obstructed childbirth

UK Charity ref: SCO039493

The Team

The group is run by volunteers who freely give of their time and energy.

For more information contact:

Chair: Mrs. Liz Turgoose - 01424 882657

Treasurer - Judy Edwards - 01424 882201

Other Members:

Liz Heard, Anna Edwards, Steve Edwards, Angela Hayward, Rosemary Crouch,

Tony & Diane Hayes

Notebook Dried Plants

Dates for your diary

The group arranges various events during the year to raise funds for the four charities that the group support.  ALL the funds raised are distributed equally to each of these charities.


You are very welcome to any or all of the events whether or not you live in the area and whether or not you come to one of the churches. Watch our news section on the home page for upcoming events.


If you are unable to attend but would like to donate please contact Judy Edwards, Treasurer on 01424 882222 or email her at:

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